Mittayi Theruvu 2017: Subid Ahimsa makes toys with trash

Here’s the second video of three I made, also in Malayalam, on Subid Ahimsa‘s session with children at 8 Point Art Cafe, Kollam, narrated by Sasikumar Vallikkatte. Subid makes ingenious toys from trash and has a calm and quiet way of dealing with children. At a time when the whole world is trying to figure out how to deal with the waste humans generate, Subid’s work is of great importance particularly in Kerala where consumerism is going overboard.



Mittayi Theruvu 2017: Origami education

Here’s the first video in a series of three I made on Mittayi Theruvu 2017, a summer camp for children, organised by 8 Point Art Cafe, Kollam, featuring origami education by Suvarnan Paravur. This also serves as an introduction to the camp.